2 ft. x 2 ft. Diamond Wreath PVC Lay-in Ceiling Tile (48 sq. ft./case)

Our ceiling tiles are compatible with 15/16 in. in. It ft. s made out of lightweight PVC, flexible and will not crack, water and corrosion resistant for exceptional durability, safe and fully recyclable contains 12 tiles of sized 24 in. x24 in. , covering 48 sq. ft.
  • Our waterproof pvc vinyl is easy to clean and won ft.t collect moisture from humidity
  • Class a fire-rated,low-emission, waterproof, washable, flexible and durable no sag, rot, rust and breakage
  • Blank smooth solid ceiling panel is a universal fit to all kinds of interior decoration
  • Cut with a utility knife or a table saw, fit into a standard 15 in./16 in. T grid ceiling system