32 in. Bladeless Tower Cool Fan and Heater Fan Combo Ideal For Four Season Available


This 32-inch bladeless fan is a multi-functional appliance that offers several features. With its Multi-Wind Mode, Heat&Cool mode, Timer Settings, and Remote Control, you can customize your experience to meet your needs. Additionally, it operates quietly, so you can stay comfortable without any distracting noise.


  • Heat&Cool mode: Heat&Cool mode fan is the ability to provide both warm and cool airflow, making it suitable for year-round use in varying temperatures
  • Multi-Wind Mode: 10-speed fan is the ability to adjust the airflow to your preference, allowing for greater comfort and energy efficiency. And Hot wind has 3 speeds mode
  • Safety: The safety of bladeless fans is beneficial as there are no exposed blades, making them safer for households with children and pets
  • Remote Control: The maximum distance is up to 5 feet. Remote control fan is the convenience and ease of adjusting settings from a distance, without disrupting your comfort
  • Timer Settings: The timer function of up to 9 hours is the ability to set it to turn off automatically, saving energy and allowing you to sleep or leave the room without worrying about turning it off yourself
  • Easy to Clean: Bladeless fans are easier to clean because they do not have any blades or grills that require disassembly and can be wiped down with a cloth
  • Oscillation: Vertical wider air output range 90-degree oscillation. Horizontal wider air output range 120-degree oscillation