Heavy Duty Plastic Free Standing Umbrella Base Fillable with Water or Sand


This umbrella base is designed with a four-plate interlocking system that is easy to assemble, move, and store, making it perfect for outdoor usage. Each plate can be filled with water or sand up to 44lb, and the four plates combined can hold up to 176lb of water or sand, ensuring that the umbrella base has enough weight to withstand windy weather. Its fade-resistant and UV-resistant coating ensures that the color does not fade under any kind of weather, while its practical spouts make filling up the plates easy.


  • Materials: HDPE
  • Heavy-duty oriented with a bearing capacity of up to 176lb when filled with water
  • Detachable plate design for flexibility and convenient storage
  • Easy to clean and minimal maintenance
  • Cross brace and pole not included
  • Overall Dimension of Each Plate: 19.7"×19.7"×3''(L×W×H)